Press Release

Press Release

Grant Simmons – Associated Press, Lund, B.C.


As he is known to be an avid boater, my interview with successful businessman & philanthropist Garth Raven not surprisingly took place aboard his 120 foot yacht, which was anchored in a pristine Bay hidden away near Laura Cove in a magical place called Desolation Sound, approximately 100 nautical miles North of Vancouver British Columbia. A place revered by many boating and yachting types from all over the world including the late Scuba Diver Adventurer Jacques Cousteau, who was quoted as saying that diving in this area is second only to the Red Sea. As per the instructions given to me by Mr. Raven’s travel assistant, I made my way to the South terminal, a small somewhat industrial looking part of the Vancouver International Airport. I brought an overnight bag and had anticipated what could be a long day and what possibly may turn into another lengthy interview with yet another rich guy from BC, One of the many whom have now come to live on the West Coast. I had already mentally prepared myself for the various siliques and theories about how this particular guy got rich, whilst never really giving the true secret to the sauce as it were. Still happy to get away from the city for the day, I drove to  the South terminal and from there boarded a small seaplane that flew me up the BC coast directly to the Bay that Mr. Raven’s boat was anchored. After a short and picturesque one hour flight, our pilot did a circular fly by, to notify and let the ship’s crew ready for a new visitor, which I was told by the pilot happened quite frequently during certain parts of the summer. Mr. Raven loves to have visitors come in and share in this experience. I’ve been invited here myself on occasion, said the pilot with a grin. As the plane landed in short order and what seemed to be very close to this ever growing ship that I suppose is considered a yacht, It occurred to me at that very second that I did not know what constitutes a ship or a yacht. During our less than twenty second taxi over the water to the stern of this beautiful blue hulled craft, which Mr. Raven later humbly clarified as a “boat”, Just big enough to accommodate a dozen guests with all the comforts of home, and small enough to safely navigate the sometimes narrow harbor entrances and passes up and down the pacific coast. A couple of crew members were waiting to take the lines of the pilot who while my mind had wondered for a brief second while visually inspecting the gleaming hull, had jumped onto a pontoon and had already thrown a line. I was greeted by who I would find out was Mr. Raven himself, a mid fifties looking average height but obviously physically fit man who welcomed me aboard and with a firm handshake asked if I was thirsty or hungry. After summoning and thanking a crew member to fetch an iced tea, Mr. Raven asked me to follow him and quipped: A wise boat captain once told me that if you have guests aboard your boat as long as they are eating and drinking, they’ll always be happy, and he laughed as he led the way up several flights of stairs leading to a huge upper deck with comfortable looking lounge furniture, a hot tub, and large canopies for shade, which was necessary on this blistering hot summer day, even with the slight breeze that floated in from the West. We were greeted by good looking blonde woman whom Mr. Raven introduced as His wife Leann. A not overly tall lady, but also in obviously great shape and distinctly young looking face and a broad inviting smile. These two must have a strick work-out regime I thought to myself as I sucked my gut in a little more.  She had risen as we approached and after the brief introduction said “I’ll leave you two boys alone to talk, I’m going to see what’s happening in the kitchen. I think you guys are going to want some lunch at some point, she said in a soft voice as she disappeared down a nearby stairwell. I looked around and from this vantage point about four decks up from the water we could see well out of our little Bay into the next and for several miles up and down the neighboring Homfray Channel.

upper deck

“Garth” as he insisted I call him said he comes here several times every year to reflect, scuba dive, relax and enjoy the beauty that is the “Inside Passage”, the gateway to Haida Gwaii, and to our U.S. friends in Alaska. Being here helps keeps me balanced he told me, even though I thrive on the vibrancy of the city, there is nothing like the beauty and tranquility of being in this place.

Well, he said after my tea had been delivered what would you like to know. I’d be happy to answer any questions that I’m able to.  Would you like to talk about boats, or fishing?  Well, I answered, you have such an amazing rags to riches story my editor wanted me to come up here and ask you how you did it, what’s your secret to success?  You’ve self admittedly accumulated your great wealth in such a short time. Was it from some high risk ventures? No he said no high risk ventures, only investment he said, investment in ourselves. You also have an amazing reputation, so many people have such respect for you, and say you are one of the greatest most down to earth people they had ever met. How did you accomplish this in such a short period of time as well?

It very simple he said, Let me try to explain.

He reflected things weren’t always this great.  Garth: I’ve been flat broke in the past and in a very bad place emotionally, I had trouble keeping family & other relationships together, and problems and with people in general. I think it all came to a head when I had realized that whatever I was doing was not working even though I was working very hard, I was frustrated, physically I felt worn out, spent, and burnt out. I had nice cars and homes but was in such debt that it was like a 200 lb. weight on my shoulders. I knew we weren’t meant to live that way. Despite my problems, I had always tried to be a good person and had always been interested in self-improvement ironically I wasn’t very improved. I had read a few motivational books, took courses etc. Most of the time I found that unless I was actively taking some kind of motivational action based on a book or course, my motivation would wain and I would go on looking for my next motivational fix which was usually short lived, the energy was just not there.

Several years ago I had spoken with a friend from my office and she mentioned that she was doing something that involved the Law of Attraction. I said oh like “The Secret”, yes I know about that and I’m intrigued by it. She explained no it’s something much deeper and more involved, it’s a lot of work she said with a slight grimace, a warning of sorts, and it’s different for everyone. I asked her to tell me more and she said at this point she really couldn’t explain it properly but in time would let me know if any opportunities came up for me to become involved.

Well the following year I received an email from her and watched several videos featuring this gentleman named Mark J and like they say, the rest is history. Before me was an opportunity to become involved with that thing that my friend really wasn’t prepared to properly explain. I studied the videos, tried to assess with my most cynical mind if this was some kind of a crack pot deal that I’d be getting involved with and eventually be asked to buy something else. I mean this was too good to be true! Simply take a 27 week course and come out a different person and change the world. Well ok then! I mean what did I have to lose and additionally it wouldn’t cost the price of a small car, like many other lengthy courses might have. I’ve always felt like I’ve been on a life-long quest for happiness and fulfilment and at this moment was no closer than I was 10 years ago.  So on the strength of my friend’s great character and the enthusiasm and authenticity of Mark J, I signed up and was “all in” for what I thought was a 6 month course or adventure to find the real me. Of course now I realize that was only the beginning and what I was about to learn would be a lifelong endeavor that no one would ever wish to end.

This sounds exciting, can you expand on that?

Garth: Yes sure, to sum it up I’d say that this adventure or course was about finding ways to reach our subconscious minds and change our old false subconscious beliefs or blueprints through positive affirmations and forming new good habits that would replace our old bad habits. The result of this would have a profound effect on our life circumstances going forward. To most people those previous statements make complete sense and they will readily admit that it does. It’s puzzling to me why if they believe this to be true, more people don’t spend more time and effort to really make this happen. I know I had not, even though I readily believed it and felt as though I had always known it to be true. I think that for the most part most people have not known exactly how to properly go about it, putting all of the information together and making it happen. I had myself read many self-help books including Think & Grow Rich, The Seven Habits of Successful People and many Dale Carnegie books, I had also watched countless videos on the subject, all giving sage advice on how to use things like the Law of attraction properly, and yet up to this point I couldn’t seem to make any meaningful long term change in my life. And then this Master Key Mastermind alliance program came about. You see eventually through these exercises and new habits we could in fact change our belief systems and reach our subconscious minds, and eventually change the world around us. Our subconscious minds are connected to the omnipresent cosmic mind or divine energy source that surrounds us all. And once we become aligned with this divine energy or you might say our world within, we change profoundly and consequently change the world without, or the outside world around us. We can tell the this divine source exactly what we desire, and the divine source or universe works 24-7 to manifest exactly what we ask of it.

Grant Simmons: So Garth (half-jokingly) what you are trying to say is that you’ve now become aligned with this Divine energy and this is how you have become so successful? And I suppose it’s responsible for all of this happiness and fulfilment you seem to have now?

Yes that’s exactly what I am saying, and it definitely applies not only to wealth and material things, it applies to all of our relationships family or not. When you become aligned with your true self and start truly giving of every part of you and aligning with your divine purpose and you start treating people like the amazing beings that they really are, the sphere of people around you and the universe all conspire to reward you. It’s also what has given me the energy to be involved in so many great causes and be involved and give to the many fundraising events, before this I didn’t have the capacity to give back and contribute like I can now. I can honestly say that most of the good in my life has come from my applying the exercises and principals out lined in the course I took in 2015 and the methods I have followed ever since.

There’s no secret, this is exactly what is happening to me on a daily basis, you can believe me or not! But I hope you do.

Mr. Raven I, I mean Garth do you think you could you teach me how to make this all happen for me I said?  Garth: I could, but one one on one training is not really my purpose in life. What I can do is put you in touch with my friend Mark J, the fabulous Davene and their team, and if you really want it bad enough and commit to it, they may be able to help you.

That’s all I can really offer on this subject, if you’d like to explore more of this for yourself, you may want to start with a book called Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Now I’ve promised Leann I would take her for a freshwater swim in Cassel lake and then a couple of hours of Salmon fishing, and Mr. Simons, those who know me at all know that “I always keep my promises”.

Would you like to join us?

Interview over.

Associated Press – August 4th 2020

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