Week Nineteen of my Masterkey Journey Become conscious of Power


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – Franklin D. Roosevelt  in 1932.  Masterkey Nineteen preface: The way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power!

Much like electricity we do not know exactly what it is, but we can still and must use it!

I’m excited by the MK nineteen 5 the explanation of the many contrasts in the physical world are resolvable into the same element, The North and South poles are different but really part of the same thing, the “earth, two parts of one quantity. Good and Evil: Good is tangible reality, while evil is really just a negative condition, the lack of good. It has no principle, no vitality no life -Why? Because it can always be destroyed by the presence of –Good. light destroys darkness, truth destroys error, so there is but one principle in the Moral world.

Same in the spiritual world : Mind over matter as two different entities, but there is no matter, just mind!  the ever changing mind which of course affects the world without, the ever changing matter! So matter is really only a form that dynamic mind in motion takes and so it is just a condition, much like evil or darkness in the moral world.

As i look back on the unpublished blog on February 25th  I realize that I’ve let life take over and that I’m so far behind in my blogging commitment. I have been blessed with so many opportunities in business that I’ve had to make some hard choices about what activities my day contains, and have opted to do as much business as possible, while it is possible, considering the nature & heartbeat of real estate. I’ll endeavor to keep my MK studies going when I can. midnight,  lunch breaks and when ever I can. I have very good reasons for my priorities and yes they are all mine, and I’m happy with my choices as I make them with eyes wide open. I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to participate in this course and will retake on my own from April to next fall.

That’s all for now





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