Week Eighteen of my Masterkey Journey My last day

Wow what will I do on this last day, yes I’d better live it to it’s fullest. Ok so I don’t think I’d be calling clients and arranging home showings, but alas while we are living today as if it was our last, we are assuming that we may just wake up tomorrow and have to pay bills. I know – that last statement just came out of fear not love, but I do love what I do for a living so it’s ok.  I now after reading Og Mandino’s scroll five over many times now I must admit I gets it’s meaning, but who can honestly say they’ve done it. I’m feeling like I am failing. Even after having the most productive day it feels so good to know that you’ve used those precious hours in a meaningful way, but would I have done the same thing if I knew it was my last day? probably not, so does this mean I’m not doing what I was meant to do, even if I was, would I still  do something different on that last day? hhhmm. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll use the advice and make the most of each day, but I will not unfortunately be able to live up to the scroll in any complete way without beating myself up afterwords. Something worthwhile to strive for though!

I’m really appreciating masterkey eighteen paragraph 16. I think it applies to alot of religious beliefs: The understanding which is usually developed is nothing more than “belief” which means nothing at all. The savages of the cannibal islands believe something, but proves nothing!   17. The only belief which is of any value to anyone is a belief that has been put to the test and demonstrated to be a fact, it has then become a living faith or “truth”.

Of course if having unproven beliefs leads to people living better lives then it doesn’t seem like a bad thing –oops there’s an opinion.

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