Week 17 HD of my Masterkey Journey Persistence

I am Natures greatest Miracle and I am persistent! I love this eleventh chapter in Og’s book. Very empowering and it makes sense that we realize and recognize this truth that we are natures greatest miracle.

Also since I have been in sales for different companies and now working or serving as an independent contractor in real estate sales, really appreciate this chapter and the affirmation of accent my differences and hide my similarities. Off course! this is what many gurus and experienced realtors have said in different seminars etc. Find your niche, how are you different, what can you offer that no one else does ?

Great chapter Scroll 1v, I’ll refer back to it often!

I also find interesting the references to god in masterkey Seventeen. I was raised in a religion that I never agreed with and Hannel points out a few flaws that while we could explore deeper, there is no need to in order to move on ourselves. Regardless of that, these images that different peoples made up we’re visible fulcrums with which they were enabled to mentally concentrate on the qualities which they desired to externalize in their lives – Great! however you need to get it done and live a better life is good with me. We all end up in the same place physically, but we also want to have happiness and live a good life. However you get there, just get there! The interesting thing is that some religious people I’ve met and have known for years tend to focus on the negative that is all around us, completely missing the point to it all. They are actually so concerned about all the bad in the world and actually very depressed over it that they forget themselves in the process, they forget that it’s themselves that they can and should affect first before they can begin to help others, there message while having all good intentions is largely lost on the negativity to most of the people they wish to convey their message to.

I am now concentrating on courage, abundance and Health!

Remember to live a good healthy, wealthy and happy life!

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