Week Seventeen of my Masterkey Journey

Oh the challenges of life! Ok forgive my whining: computer crashed, flu bug comes in, clients are contacting me (a good thing) Everyone would like everything asap! Ok I’ll pass the flu on and write everything down, and start using paper again! My current makeover after Kindness is self control, and I needed it last week! on a loner computer and remembering pass codes and log-ins. I kept doing the work although not as many readings as required, making up for it this week.

That’s it!


Week Sixteen of my Masterkey Journey The Kindness Conciousness

I Loved this week of kindness, it wasn’t challenging to me in normal circumstances, I felt like all I had to do was be like I normally am, I do try to be kind everyday. It is however challenging to be kind when pressured by circumstances of  when faced with a discourtesy, lack of respect, or otherwise. But I that’s the challenge isn’t it, to rise above not when things are easy, when things are challenging and the going gets tough. The franklin makeover is such a great exercise, looking for and seeking out kindnesses, and going the extra mile to do kind things. What we all should be striving for!!

Week fifteen of my Masterkey Journey Just turn on the light

I, like everyone I guessing, am inspired by certain phrases and little tid bits that reveal clues or insights that will help in my Journey. That’s the great thing about reiterating the same thing over and over again in many different ways and from different angles. “We do not have to laboriously shovel the darkness out, all that is necessary  is to turn on the light” yay, we just need to turn on the light” Thank you for that Charles. Sometimes in the reading of the masterkey’s my mind can get mired down in the task of understanding exactly what the writing means. After reading it over a few days it will usually come to me, and then again there have been a few paragraphs in past masterkey’s that I still don’t get, thus the beauty of the many different explanations.

I’m really enjoying the scroll 4 this month, it really resonates with me on several levels. I feel like after all this time in sales and marketing,  I needed the permission to advertise and promote the uniqueness that I have to offer. I knew this to be true, I just needed to hear it again, hence I will capitalize on these differences as they assets to promote to their fullest. None have the ability to sell exactly as I can, and I’m proud of the differences!

Week fourteen of my Masterkey Journey Persistance

I watched “Door to door” a truly amazing story of Mr. Bill Porter’s display of Persistence, overcoming many adversities and challenges in his life. What an absolutely powerful display of Persistence it was. It’s hard to fathom what it would have been like to attempt to even walk a day in the mans shoes, certainly an inspiration to all. A short post as things are getting busier again. I’ve seen cool running’s years ago  and I was lucky enough to be a ski patroler in Calgary for the 1988 Olympic Games, so I saw the Jamaicans Bob sledding and Eddie the Eagle soar through the air in person. He was an awful ski jumper, but completely inspiring.  I hope to watch all of the movies eventually.