Week Five of my Masterkey Journey – Good habits being challenged

Well what an interesting journey it has been so far. And as our instructors have said we’ll be able to manage our time better and better, or was it we’d be able to do things faster, maybe both. Even now with more reading and tasks to do, the Habit has started to take over, I don’t feel right unless i get my morning dose of reading and I find it puts a smile on my face and fuels the engines for at least the morning. Two days ago I promised to help a friend early in the day and after not a great sleep and consequently sleeping longer than intended, I needed to jump out of bed hurry to get ready, for a busy day that included my errand first. By noon I really felt like I had missed something and it seriously bothered me until I could do a sit down, read GS, the Keys, and the cards. After which I felt good going on with the other items I had to do to keep my business running, and knew that I had reading to make up that night. I mentioned this before, but since signing up for this endevour, I’ve been getting more business calls and referrals which is a good thing, but are really challenging me on the scheduling side. That and dealing with my aging father and his pressing situations are really pushing and trying take their share of my days that are already full. I have to think that this is part of the whole challenge for me and it’s likely something else for other students. We all have our challenges and this one I will conquer!

Week Four Of my Masterkey Journey

Wow the Keys are making more sense to me and I’m finding myself reading back to re-evaluate what some of the previous key statements mean. It feels very satisfying when I come to fully understand the statements, and yet I know that what I understand today may still be limited and that I might come to an even better  or fuller understanding in the future.  Also I can’t stop thinking about and watching the week four video explaining the actual physiological changes that are happening to us on a daily basis and it’s exciting to see how physically we can start to create a new life by envisioning what our day will look like and that if we do start creating our new reality, it will become easier and easier with time, and we can let go of these addictions that we have to some of the negative experiences in our lives.

It happened several times again this week much like last week: waking up feeling excited to get up and get going and feeling great about the possibilities of what awaits us when we get out the door and start positively interacting with everyone we meet and and putting the law of giving into practice. The reaction back is as amazing as expected, but has to be experienced to fully comprehend the positive affect. More often than not it’s very positive with people genuinely smiling back, causing a feeling of euphoria as you are seeing that you’ve just improved that persons day, and in some cases not only do you not know them, you may never see them again! It’s like a fun game to go out and see how many smiles you can produce! People thank you with body language as well. I have noticed conversely that a smaller number people look at you in a funny way as if: why is that guy so happy, does he know that the Liberals just came back into power with that poor election result? He has no business being happy today. It’s sad to think that people can let something like that affect their life in such a profound way, and they are likely addicted to the feeling.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that after I’ve had a high day it’s hard to settle down at night. And high is by the way exactly how I would describe it, a nice euphoric feeling. Now i’ve started instituting some guided meditation to clear my mind and settle myself down for sleep.

I’m so looking forward to the weeks to come!

week three of my Masterkey Journey testing testing

Well  this last Thursday I woke up completely invigorated and had a fantastic day. That evening I sat down and wrote what I thought was a great post., about the day I had etc etc. I thought that I had published it until Jason asked me this morning about posting. Not finding it I thought maybe I saved it in a draft and nothing.  Anyway this is a test before I spend significantly more time posting.

Week two of my Masterkey Journey

More time adjustments being made to get everything read & done every day, and manage a business. The tasks have been taking me longer than I had hoped, but I really want to carefully read and understand each part of each key.

Wow week two would be shocking to a non believer, the concepts around the powerful subconscious mind and all that it can do. It really does make sense and it can be proven very easily. Eg: If anyone thinks for even a short time, It doesn’t take long to realize the amazing things the subconscious is doing every minute of everyday and it’s obvious that unnatural things like for example smoking is something that the unguarded subconscious would be quickly able to pick up and after some time and after addiction it would be ingrained in the subconscious to the point where your SC brain is so trained in conjunction with your body’s supposed need for nicotine that you would be lighting up without even thinking about it. The good news is that you can form a new good habit of non smoking and eventually retrain your SC that you really don’t need to smoke. One example I can think of, but I am sure there are many more examples.

I’m intrigued by the thought that: ease and perfection depend entirely on the degree in which we cease to depend on consciousness. So that as we practice something often enough that eventually the subconscious mind accepts it and off course you would no longer need to consciously think about doing it well, the subconscious will take care of that. I’ve had this happen before and wasn’t aware that it was happening that way. An exciting proposition for sure. What an amazing machine the human really is!!

I’m thrilled to keep going and learn more.

Week one of my Journey

Well it’s been quite a week, learning all about this mastermind alliance and the first of the Masterkeys, a little overwhelming, but very exciting!

Off course in my business, likely much like other business or personal phenomenon, the very minute you commit to a hard time frame on something, the forces of nature conspire to throw you off of your path. This is something that spouses find difficult, what do you mean you can’t commit to dinner on Sunday! Clients that have been recently quiet, find that perfect house and have to see it at— you guessed it, the exact time of our mastermind alliance class. I pushed back, something I would normally not do with a client, but alas, even clients realize that even “I” must have a life or yes I have another client or 6 in the process of buying or selling and another 6 thinking about doing something. Unfortunately until you become wildly successful in the eyes of some clients and haven’t quite reached the status of Doctor, or lawyer, they do expect you to drop everything at any time. I’ve played into this by being available at a moments notice and adjusting my schedule to fit theirs and taken great pride in the fact that I do. And then I’m proud that I’ve sacrificed for them and expect them to realize this, only to find that they’ve likely thought very little of it, and in fact it has become expected. Ok, the closest thing i’ve had to a rant in awhile.

Back to the MKMMA: Reading the keys felt a little abstract at first, and some of the concepts hard to fathom, one cosmic mind? One consciousness? and Our mind is identical to that consciousness? On the other hand many of the statements when read resonate strongly and that deep inside you really know it to be true. With every reading I strive to understand each sentence fully and have looked up words up in the dictionary in order to do so. Now at the end of week one I feel that I understand all but a couple of the statements, but will strive to by this Sunday’s class. It’s extremely exciting to think that these concepts are true and there is infinite possibility for us all.

With the reading of the scroll marked 1 I’ve had a similar experience, but in a different way. The writing seems scattered and seems to jump around at first, but after reading it so many times now, the scroll makes perfect sense and does seem in order and tells an eloquent story, a story that the reader can indeed relate to and become. It’s has become more enjoyable to read the more I have read it, and when you finish you feel invigorated at the possibility of the new you!

As of this morning, draft two of my Definite Major purpose has now been written and is taking a new and better form, thanks Jason! for your help!

Looking forward to this next class, but I feel I need to read and understand fully, the first key, before moving on.